Kaplan Industries – Products

For over half a century, Kaplan Industries, Inc. has been serving the world as a Leader in the Welding, Beverage, and Medical fields for compressed gas cylinders and equipment. Our spacious facility located on a 16-acre campus in Harrison Ohio is DOT-Approved and superbly equipped to handle all our customer needs.

Over 60 years of experience has taught us not to “put all your eggs in one basket”. As such, Kaplan Industries utilizes a global supply chain and is not limited to one supplier or one country for our inventory. We have Purchasing Agreements on 4 different Continents (Europe, North and South America, and the Pacific Rim). This diverse chain gives us the ability to buy both Domestic and Imports, insures against interruption in supply keeping our pricing competitive. Working with the leading manufacturers globally assures you the quality and service you expect from Kaplan, your one stop solution to all your cylinder needs

Industrial Cylinders

From the smallest lecture bottles to the largest storage vessels, from 240 PSI to 6000 PSI working pressure, Kaplan Industries has the cylinder you need to help provide the flexibility required for you and you customer.

Acetylene Cylinders

Kaplan automatic acetone filling system assures precise fills monitored by state-of-the-art digital measuring equipment and scales.

Medical Aluminum Cylinders

Kaplan Industries offers an outstanding selection of aluminum medical cylinders manufactured from 6061 alloy giving you exceptional strength and durability.

Aluminum Industrial and Specialty Gas Cylinders

Kaplan Industries is proud to offer a wide range of aluminum cylinders for Industrial and Specialty gas applications.

CO2 Aluminum Cylinders

From 2.5 lb. to 50 lb. capacity Kaplan offers you quality 6061 alloy aluminum cylinders to meet all your beverage needs.