Blue Steel and Kaplan Scuba


Blue Steel Scuba

Blue Steel Scuba offers the widest range of Faber steel scuba cylinders in today’s market, from 7.6 liters (50 CF) to 19 liters (149 CF).

Blue Steel Scuba is also the exclusive distributor of steel Faber Rebreather cylinders, in sizes ranging from 2 Liters (15 CF) to 5 Liters (40 CF), supplying the major recognized Rebreather Manufactures in the market today.

Kaplan Scuba

Kaplan Scuba was created in 2009 to meet the demand for Aluminum cylinders required by the same customers who purchase steel cylinders.

Since its inception it has become one of the leading suppliers of Aluminum Scuba cylinders in the market today.


Did You Know?

Blue Steel Scuba and Kaplan Scuba operate as wholesale scuba equipment distributors. We do not sell direct to the consumer. Please contact your LDS (Local Dive Shop) for inquires and to purchase product. Thank you for your interest in Blue Steel and Kaplan Scuba products and visiting our web site.