Blue Steel and Kaplan Scuba – About Us

Success was born in 2004 when Kaplan Industries and Faber in Italy created Blue Steel to become the exclusive distributor for Faber steel scuba cylinders in North America, Caribbean and Latin America. Fifteen years later the Blue Steel name has become synonymous with the Faber name when it comes to steel diving cylinders. Today when people think of steel diving cylinders, they think Blue Steel Scuba.

Blue Steel Scuba, now operated independently of Faber, offers the widest range of Faber steel scuba cylinders in today’s market.

With the success of Blue Steel, Kaplan Scuba was created in 2009 to meet the demand for Aluminum cylinder required by the same customers who purchase steel cylinders. Since its inception it has become one of the leading suppliers of Aluminum Scuba cylinders in the market today. Our Aluminum cylinders are supplied by well know aluminum manufactures who service the world market.

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